Absolute Line

Absolute Preamplifier

A Two 22D

Technical Features
Device Type 
Discrete Preamplifier
Analog Input
2x Balanced
2x Unbalanced
Internal Technology
Real dual mono topology
Fully resistive attunuator
Class A output current buffer
Volume Control
From -120[dB] to +6[dB]

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Frequency range 
+0[dB], -0.1[dB]: 5[Hz] to 24[kHz]
-3[dB]: 0.7[Hz] to 330[kHz]
Total Harmonic Distortion
< 0.0014% (-97[dB]) @ 1[kHz]
Clip to Noise Ration
Balanced: -105[dB]
Unbalanced: -105[dB]

Output Impedance

Balanced: 200[Ω]
Unbalanced: 100[Ω]
Dimensions (WxDxH)
440 x 420 x 100[mm]
Power Consumption
Max: 50[W]
Standby: <0.1[W]
Remote Control
Power Supply

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New Sound Perception

The Absolute Preamplifier is one of the newest products of Orpheus. This instrument completes the Absolute Line with high-quality components used for the volume control feature. The whole architectural preamplification stage has been designed by our engineer team to offer a new sound perception. Indeed, the topology is an authentic dual mono and purely resistive passive component attenuator without any feedback loops or semiconductor components.

"The gateway to an immersive audio experience."

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