Our name refers to the famous mythological character Orpheus. The emblem of the brand represents the lyre of Orpheus which is symbol of harmony, fidelity and passion. Three keywords that the company is committed to uphold.

Founded in Switzerland and independent since 2001, the company is representative of the famous ‘’Swiss made’’ as per the conception and per the manufacturing of its products. As the best Swiss watchmakers, we strive to provide quality and precision recognized worldwide.

Orpheus Product are carefully developed and created so that the user can not only listen to a beautiful song but also feel the hidden emotions in music. Thought in order to transmit every vibration and every detail within the sound’s purity these luxurious products would know how to satisfy even the most exigent of audiophiles.
All the team, from engineering to manufacturing management, has previous experiences in high-end audio companies as well as in other valuable fields thus enabling ORPHEUS to offer innovative and evolving solutions within a strong and original business model.

Each product is developed and created in a unique and innovative way. The objective being that the research and development team excels with each new product in the pursuance of providing devices which differ due to their quality and technology towards other competitors.

For each of our products we sought to achieve Excellence. All the devices are developed (Hardware & software) and designed within the company (100% in house design). Each component is hand welded and each product is carefully mounted and tested by our own team. This process was thought to achieve perfection in the production and quality of our various ranges. 

The beauty and delicacy of our products reflects the quality and the care with which they are created.