Frequently Asked Questions

How should I replace a fuse?

For all the Orpheus Amplifiers and the Heritage DAC you can directly access the fuses on the rear panel near the main voltage input.
For all the other Orpheus devices, you have to open the unit and place the fuse on its correct place according the voltage value of the electrical network of the specified country. The PPA has one main fuse on the rear panel and 3 fuses on the power supply PCB.
The fuses values are specified on the table below.

How to change the input voltage?

If your unit has a voltage selector near the input voltage connector, you just have to remove the fuses support and turn it in order to see the correct voltage on the fuses support. If a voltage selector is not placed near the main entry connector, you have to open your unit and place the correct fuse at the correct place according the valuer on the table above. Warning, if this operation is not made correctly, you can destroy your unit. If you have questions concerning this point, just feel free to contact the Orpheus Media Support by filling the correct form.

Why the front ring of my Amplifier Mono 350W is blinking red fast and I don't have a signal at the output?

The Privilege Mono Amplifier 350W has several on board protections: One of them is that if the unit is supplied, you will have to wait about one minute before restarting your unit, otherwise the amplifier will go on a self protection mode and the front ring will blink red fast. So if this happens, you have just to wait and relax one minute and everything will be supplied correctly and be ready to be operated as usual.

Where can I find the information about the code of the volume and channel selector of my remote control?

 You will find all the information on the Download section under Remote control