Heritage PreamplifierHeritage Line

The preamplifier Heritage is the newest product of Orpheus. Indeed, the topology is always dual mono meaning that the power supply of the right and left side are completely separated. Moreover, the electronics has been revised so that the PSU can provide more power to the output while minimizing the temperature drift. The left, right and digital grounds are connected only in a single point. The power supply is physically separated from the rest of the audio system to reduce the disturbances induced by transformers and diodes used to rectify the alternative current. The total power supplied by the transformers reach 350 [VA]. The windings for digital and analog voltages are completely separated. Each side has a capacitance reservoir greater than 55[mF] to properly rectify the voltage and limit its ripple noise. A ground connector is present on the rear of the PSU to connect all grounds together if necessary.


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The new PSU allows to provide simultaneously enough power for the converter and preamp of the same Heritage line. This unit also integrates an infra-red receiver for RC control and a 4.3” TFT-LCD color screen to show all significant data. The control of the audio units is digitally made inside the power supply unit avoiding all interactions between analogue and digital electronics inside the audio unit. Three gilded strips per board transmit efficiently the power over the entire surface of the electronic board. Low power supplies have been provided for each part of the audio signal path to locally regulate voltages. The audio path has been optimized for better dynamic specifications.

The PSU Heritage is composed by one stylish treated aluminum box. The front panel is composed of the IR receiver, a standby LED, the LCD screen and the illuminated logo. The command buttons are place on the right side of the device. When the unit is turned on, a beautiful backlight illuminates the logo and indicates to the user that the device is ready to operate. Heatsinks have been cleverly integrated inside the device to optimize heat dissipation assuring perfect operating conditions. Its outstanding specifications, imposing size followed by refined and stylish curves makes this anodized aluminum piece of art remarkably stand apart from conventional preamplifier.

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This in-house development is using cutting edge technologies in audio, electronics and computer science allowing you to live an unforgettable experience. The multiple functions of this outclass mediaserver combined with an harmonious design  is destined to be the central element of your High-end audio system.


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Absolute MediaserverAbsolute Line

The Absolute Mediaserver distinguish itself  both with its outstanding sound quality as well as the speed with which it processes large amounts of data, thanks to its Intel i3 4th gen. processor and mSATA SSD for the operating system.The Mediaserver can be steered on the device itself by the 7“ touchscreen or via your smartphone/tablet through the Orpheus App. compatible with Android and iOS. Finally, five digital and four analog ports enable the audio enthusiasts to connect a large number of other devices.


The Absolute Mediaserver can be connected to your home network via Ethernet or Wifi to access thousands of internet radio stations and music streaming via Spotify, Sirius XM, Qobuz and many more. You can play or rip your CDS to create your CD collection with the help of the database that will automatically detect and add missing album covers and title information.


You can stream your favorite movie or series via Netflix, Youtube, Zattoo and more. You can play or rip your DVDs and Bluray and create your collection. The system is compatible with the 4K.

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