Heritage D/A ConverterHeritage line

The Heritage D/A Converter is the most famous product of the Orpheus brand. Its third generation has been updated and improved to be compatible with all the new features available on the SACD drive from the same line. The DSD input is now supported as well as a word clock input to improve clock specifications.


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The new Heritage D/A Converter have been updated with brand new features as a DSD (Direct Stream Digital) input. Moreover, the new DAC is able to clock with an external digital clock source.

If no external clock is used, the Time Lock module will generate his own master clock used at all the different stages of the converter in order to minimize the jitter. It also keeps the high levels of audio technology by using several up sampling modules and the unique proprietary D/A converter drive modules followed by four D/A converter IC's per channel.

The scrambling technique is used to lower the noise generated by the D/A conversion phase. A firewire and a USB 192KHz input have also been integrated in order to connect the Heritage DAC with a computer to use it as an impressive external audio converter.

In order to keep the highest rate of performance, we decided to keep a dual mono architecture. That means that each channel has its own power supply and its own transformer in order to erase all interaction between channels. The DSP and the MCU boards have also been upgraded in order to integrate all the new features and improve even more the most legendary product of Orpheus.

The Heritage D/A converter is composed of two separated boxes. The box with the LED and the Orpheus logo placed on front is the power supply. Its goal is to convert the noisy AC voltage coming from the electrical plug into a regulated and clean DC voltage. The other box, is the one to contain all the electronics that does all the digital signal processing and digital to analog conversions. This separation is made in order to avoid catching the noise coming from the AC to DC voltage conversion phase. The Orpheus logo is carved into the front panel by using delicate and special mechanical process. When the unit is turned on, a beautiful backlight illuminates the logo and indicates to the user that the device is ready to operate. The marvellous curve on both front panels of the two separated boxes reminds the refined and classy style of the Orpheus logo wave. This product is not only a spectacular audio device but also a state of the art mechanical design.

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This in-house development is using cutting edge technologies in audio, electronics and computer science allowing you to live an unforgettable experience. The multiple functions of this outclass mediaserver combined with an harmonious design  is destined to be the central element of your High-end audio system.


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Absolute MediaserverAbsolute Line

The Absolute Mediaserver distinguish itself  both with its outstanding sound quality as well as the speed with which it processes large amounts of data, thanks to its Intel i3 4th gen. processor and mSATA SSD for the operating system.The Mediaserver can be steered on the device itself by the 7“ touchscreen or via your smartphone/tablet through the Orpheus App. compatible with Android and iOS. Finally, five digital and four analog ports enable the audio enthusiasts to connect a large number of other devices.


The Absolute Mediaserver can be connected to your home network via Ethernet or Wifi to access thousands of internet radio stations and music streaming via Spotify, Sirius XM, Qobuz and many more. You can play or rip your CDS to create your CD collection with the help of the database that will automatically detect and add missing album covers and title information.


You can stream your favorite movie or series via Netflix, Youtube, Zattoo and more. You can play or rip your DVDs and Bluray and create your collection. The system is compatible with the 4K.

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