Heritage PreamplifierHeritage Line

The preamplifier Heritage is the newest product of Orpheus. Indeed, the topology is always dual mono meaning that the power supply of the right and left side are completely separated. Moreover, the electronics has been revised so that the PSU can provide more power to the output while minimizing the temperature drift. The left, right and digital grounds are connected only in a single point. The power supply is physically separated from the rest of the audio system to reduce the disturbances induced by transformers and diodes used to rectify the alternative current. The total power supplied by the transformers reach 350 [VA]. The windings for digital and analog voltages are completely separated. Each side has a capacitance reservoir greater than 55[mF] to properly rectify the voltage and limit its ripple noise. A ground connector is present on the rear of the PSU to connect all grounds together if necessary.


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The new PSU allows to provide simultaneously enough power for the converter and preamp of the same Heritage line. This unit also integrates an infra-red receiver for RC control and a 4.3” TFT-LCD color screen to show all significant data. The control of the audio units is digitally made inside the power supply unit avoiding all interactions between analogue and digital electronics inside the audio unit. Three gilded strips per board transmit efficiently the power over the entire surface of the electronic board. Low power supplies have been provided for each part of the audio signal path to locally regulate voltages. The audio path has been optimized for better dynamic specifications.

The PSU Heritage is composed by one stylish treated aluminum box. The front panel is composed of the IR receiver, a standby LED, the LCD screen and the illuminated logo. The command buttons are place on the right side of the device. When the unit is turned on, a beautiful backlight illuminates the logo and indicates to the user that the device is ready to operate. Heatsinks have been cleverly integrated inside the device to optimize heat dissipation assuring perfect operating conditions. Its outstanding specifications, imposing size followed by refined and stylish curves makes this anodized aluminum piece of art remarkably stand apart from conventional preamplifier.

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This in-house development is using cutting edge technologies in audio, electronics and computer science allowing you to live an unforgettable experience. The multiple functions of this outclass mediaserver combined with an harmonious design  is destined to be the central element of your High-end audio system.


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Absolute MediaserverAbsolute Line

The Absolute Mediaserver distinguish itself  both with its outstanding sound quality as well as the speed with which it processes large amounts of data, thanks to its Intel i3 4th gen. processor and mSATA SSD for the operating system.The Mediaserver can be steered on the device itself by the 7“ touchscreen or via your smartphone/tablet through the Orpheus App. compatible with Android and iOS. Finally, five digital and four analog ports enable the audio enthusiasts to connect a large number of other devices.


The Absolute Mediaserver can be connected to your home network via Ethernet or Wifi to access thousands of internet radio stations and music streaming via Spotify, Sirius XM, Qobuz and many more. You can play or rip your CDS to create your CD collection with the help of the database that will automatically detect and add missing album covers and title information.


You can stream your favorite movie or series via Netflix, Youtube, Zattoo and more. You can play or rip your DVDs and Bluray and create your collection. The system is compatible with the 4K.

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Classic PreamplifierClassic line

The preamplifier completes the Classic line by it high quality components used for the volume control feature. It has been thought in order to give a lot of different signal routings. You can use it as a stereo or a multichannel preamplifier. Moreover this product offers a wide range of inputs and outputs.


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Ingenious software programming permits the user to quickly re-assign one or two sets of three stereo inputs to operate as a six-channel input. Similarly, multiple stereo outputs can be re-configured as a single six-channel output.

The Orpheus engineering team has created a unique high-end two-channel preamplifier that offers multichannel flexibility at no sacrifice in absolute performance. The future-proof Orpheus Preamplifier can be re-configured to suit your changing needs quickly and easily. At full scale, the harmonic distortion is of 0.00164% (THD+N). The signal to noise ratio is around 118dB. These are some reasons why the Orpheus Preamplifier is a marvelous device.

In keeping with Orpheus’s subtle styling, the basic silver chassis and natural brushed aluminum front panel lend a sense of timeless, understated elegance to any contemporary home interior. Their modest dimensions make it easy for the proud owner to choose uncompromising High End performance and uncompromising style.     

In combination with a DVD player with onboard DTS, Dolby Digital, DVD-Audio and SACD decoding, the Orpheus Preamplifier offers a High End solution for surround enthusiasts, without compromising the high standards of pure two-channel audio.

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The Phono Preamplifier (PPA) is the phono stage from Orpheus able to connect with all types of cartridge. One extra input has been developed for those who had different turntables. In the front panel, two beautiful molded buttons are placed for input selection and the gain control.


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Phono PreamplifierSynfonia line

The PPA MK2 is the second generation of the Orpheus Phono Preamplifier (PPA). The PPA MK2 still allows you to connect MM (Moving Magnet) and MC cell (Moving Coil) phono cartridges. In addition, this model has been improved with a five position switch to allow the selection of the output sensitivity of the phono cartridge and therefore provides a constant gain for all cell values (0.1mV to 10mV). For a better adaptation of the phono cartridge, with the PPA MK2 you can select the correct impedance (100R, 1K and 47K) and the correct capacity (47pF, 220pF and 470uF) according to the specifications of the phono cartridge. The interior RIAA filter has been developed with low tolerance components to achieve outstanding audio reproduction. In order to be compatible with a large spectrum of high-end devices, several controls allows the user a selection of various settings such as input impedance, output connector type and the Phono Preamplifier’s gain. These controls are particularly useful regarding the integration of moving magnet (MM) and moving coil (MC) turntables.

The Synfonia PPA is a Phono Pre Amplifier solution built to integrate your favourite turntable to your high-end audio system. A system has been developed to manage the activation of the analog inputs in order to avoid unwanted distortions created when turning on and off the PPA. The inside electronics have been developed to remove potential problems associated with offset voltages. Tolerances for components of the RIA A filter have been scaled down to increase audio performance. The chassis has been carved from a cast aluminium block not only for design purposes but also to achieve a compact package structure. The PPA MK2 was developed to answer outstanding product standards.


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