Power CableKhloe Black Edition

The power cable from Orpheus has three low impedance 4.8mm2 OFC (Pure Cu at 99.99% and 0.0005% O) “Flat Copper” conductors protected by special plastic tape isolations and whole is shielded with our EMI/RFI ferrite filter to have a high immunity to radio-frequencies and electromagnetic interferences. All these features gives to this power cable really fast response capability.


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The Khloe Power cable has been built to effectively provide current for maximum power efficiency. The Oxygen Free Copper plate ensure great conductivity, protection against oxidation and allows better contact with connectors. An important aspect of the product is the cable section, which is completely occupied by conductors and not by excessive tape. As a result of the high-quality conductors this cable has, it is very reactive to low frequency current surges.

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Khloe USB sounds precise and unobtrusive because of its high speed transmission. It has Golden connector pins, specifically handcrafted two piece aluminum connectors, copper braided and EMI/RFI ferrite shielding for 100% shielding factor. Contact resistance: 30m ohm and Insulation resistance: 100 MOhm. Contacts: Gold Flash 30u.

USBKhloe Black Edition
BNCKhloe Black Edition

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19 copper strands for 0.5mm2 conductors. Multiple silver and braid shielding associated with an EMI/RFI ferrite core to create 100% shielding against any unwanted noises. All of these features allow the cable to only conduct high quality and pure audio signals at even really high frequencies.

XLRKhloe Black Edition
RCAKhloe Black Edition

The Khloe RCA cables has a natural, unobtrusive and airy way of passing the signal between audio devices. This is done by having 7 Oxygen Free Copper (Pure Cu at 99.99% and 0.0005% O) strands for a total of 0.34mm2 section cable associated with high quality rhodium plated lockable connectors and an EMI/RFI ferrite shielding to have an shielding factor of 100%.